ADN Fani Ben Ami

ADN Fani Ben Ami is a company that develops and manufactures therapeutic cosmetic products for different skin problems. The company produces a wide variety of professional cosmetic products that are sold in Israel and overseas. They are manufactured according to stringent international standards, approved by the Israeli Health Ministry under the constant supervision of the company's quality control department. The unique compounds used in the products are based on contemporary research in the field of dermatology and on scientific achievements in biotechnology. The company specializes in developing and marketing therapeutic products for various skin problems. The combination of unique ingredients used by the company provide a quick solution for treating different conditions that cosmeticians and pedicurists encounter on a daily basis.

ADN - behind the scenes

ADN - 45 years of active cosmetics

Fani Ben Ami, the founder of ADN, began her career as a cosmetician about 45 years ago.

Today, with the experience of over four decades, she is one of the key figures in the industry and has achieved an outstanding reputation as a developer, manufacturer and marketer of professional advanced cosmetic preparations for treating the skin on the face and on the feet.

ייצור קוסמטיקה ישראלי

ADN – a center of knowledge and preparations that provides proven results

As a result of her natural professional development, Fani Ben Ami established the ADN company in 2013 in order to provide superb quality cosmetic products to cosmeticians.

When Fani develops a product, the words "active ingredients" are not just a slogan. It is a reality reflected in actual proven results: quick healing reactions in the patients' skin and efficacy proven in medical studies.

ADN's products - active ingredients for your success

Ben Ami is personally responsible for the development of ADN's products. They are used on a daily basis by cosmeticians, pedicurists and cosmetic companies in Israel and overseas, and each product contains active ingredients produced in Israel. The ingredients have a prolonged effect on the different skin layers, and the products can be used at the clinic or at the customer's home. ADN – adherence to stringent ISO standards – the products have all been licensed by the Israeli Health Ministry, and they undergo strict quality tests throughout the entire process – from the development phase, through production and packaging and all the way to their marketing.

The company's flagship product lines


This product line treats various stages of inflammatory acne. It consists of products to be used at the clinic such as a unique peeling product as well as a facial mask that heals inflammation and balances the oily secretions. And of course, there are products the customer can take home. Within 10 days there is an amazing change in the skin's inflammatory condition. And almost nothing further needs to be done.


Treats inflammatory rosacea and demodex that may attack the skin. This product line consists of soothing substances derived from plants and bulbs. It calms and treats redness and inflammation of the skin.


Different acids combined together in amazing synergy without reducing the other ingredient's efficacy and power. This product line consists of: An eye peel. A clarifying peel that treats skin spots. A skin peel for treating deep wrinkles. A botanical peel for improving circulation. And an enzymatic peel. The entire product line is for use by professional cosmeticians only.


A series of products based on different concentrations of hyaluronic acid and various peptides. It also contains CO2 for tightening the skin, improving its texture and making it more supple. It treats wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and upper lip. The products are suitable for treating skin after mesotherapy, after plasma treatments, laser treatments and more.


These products were developed for treating a diabetic foot and for helping people with other health problems. They do not contain any acids or other substances that can be harmful to the diabetic foot.  The series consists of a wide variety of products for treating different conditions of the foot: A products for dry or cracked skin. A product for warts. A product for nail fungus. A product for dry and wet eczema. Several products based on the licorice plant. and more…


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